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Our client wanted to offer a fun, festive experience to thank their staff for their hard work and thought it would be nice to involve their families. They were keen to offer a week’s worth of activities to their 150 remote workers split across the UK, Romania, Croatia and Poland. With live events out of the question due to the global pandemic, we thought who better to help us spread some magical festive cheer ‘virtually’, than the big man himself… Santa Claus!


We created a private and completely bespoke Santa’s Grotto Experience to be delivered online to our client’s international staff. We designed a bespoke branded and themed website to capture the details of the families attending and give them the option to pick a preferred date and time within the week running up to Christmas. Working with our production partners, we created a stunning Lapland grotto set, including branded props, in a UK based recording studio.

Using Zoom as the virtual platform we offered 30-minute slots and sent individual Zoom invite links for each family’s exclusive time with Santa and his Elves.

With the added challenge of attendees from overseas we had to manage different time zones and even recruited a Romanian speaking Elf to help Santa communicate with the Romanian families.

In total we bought the magic of Santa Claus in Lapland to 170 children from around the globe, all from the comfort of their own living rooms!


Virutal Santa Experience
Virutal Santa Experience
Virutal Santa Experience
Virutal Santa Experience
Virutal Santa Experience

Our client said...

"Thank you so much for all your hard work. It was much appreciated, and the experience was a big success!"

Chief HR Officer

"The Zoom Christmas experience was an excellent idea! My kid really enjoyed this. He was very excited about seeing Santa and talking to him. He told me “HE KNOWS MY NAME! How does he know that?!? And he knows that I like the Robot Dance!” I just want to say thanks to the Elves and Santa for creating such a magical experience!"


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