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Our client wanted to support their employees during lockdown, whilst everyone was working from home. As part of this we were asked to organise a month of virtual wellness-inspired activities that focused on movement, nutrition, wellbeing and staying connected. Employees would then be able to pick and choose from the sessions offered and join these during their working day. It was important to the client that we offered a variety of activities so that it was inclusive and would appeal to everyone.


Our team designed a bespoke agenda to include speaker sessions, online workouts and energisers. The activities were chosen to complement the participants weekly aims e.g. move away from your desk for 5 minutes every hour, learn something new this week or create a gratitude mind map.

In the 'movement' week, we included lunchtime pilates and during the 'wellbeing' week, we included tutorials such as positive thinking and sleep & nutrition.

Having a different theme each week alongside the mix of physical and educational activities helped make the wellness month more varied and kept participants motivated.

To round off the wellness month and allow people to try something different, we organised a final 'body perx' energiser involving music and body percussion – an uplifting, interactive virtual performance to bring the team together.

Workplace Wellbeing Activities Programme
Workplace Wellbeing Activities Programme
Workplace Wellbeing Activities Programme

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