Delegate Registration website

We’re big fans of creating interactive experiences at conferences and meetings, where audience members can share, collaborate and participate. Tech has driven development significantly over the last few years – though some much more effectively than others. 

The advancement of tablet devices and associated apps in particular offer excellent opportunities for engaging audiences.

In a recent conference we wanted to create an engaging discussion of key topics led by panel speakers as well as gauge delegate opinions and encourage delegates to share their opinions. We wanted a paperless conference app to help build interaction for the day so delegates could vote and send in comments and questions.

On arrival, delegates were each given a fully-customised Smart Badge with their name and conference branding. Badges were created in different colours depending on attendee category. We created an app containing an interactive agenda with links to speaker biographies and evaluation forms for individuals to submit their honest feedback on sessions and any means of improvement for future events. A function for sending questions and comments was also available, allowing attendees to contribute throughout the event. 

We wanted to see how delegates responded to a range of different business scenarios through voting. During some questions, hosts were keen to get the views of certain groups only. This was easy using the Smart Badges, which were pre-programmed with demographic data relating to each delegate. Depending on the data contained on the card, only relevant voting questions would appear on their tablet screen.

Delegates were also encouraged to send in their comments using their tablet device to panellists following discussions. A moderator was able to see comments sent in and forward them onto panel speakers for further discussion. A live Twitter-style feed was also created where delegates could share their comments.

The pre-loaded demographic data stored on the Smart Badges meant that voting results could be cross-referenced instantly against delegate type. The ability to see how different groups respond to certain questions helps stimulate a better discussion. Feedback from delegates indicated they found sessions thought provoking and welcomed the opportunity to participate in the table discussions and give their opinions.