We now live a technologically advanced world, with the rapid acceleration of AI and other tools to help people and productivity, however the plight of audience engagement doesn’t seem to be catching up quite as quickly.

We’re here to help you really sleigh this holiday season, our festive event theming will get you in the spirit and wow your colleagues with some merry magic.

"People work for money but go the extra mile for recognition, praise and rewards."  Dale Carnegie, Leadership Training Guru. Lets face it… we all love to be rewarded and recognised for the hard work that we do.

Event Venue Sourcing in 2023 - Combining Sustainability, ROI Goals. Watch the panel discussion with Eventcombo and Rockitfish's Senior Project Manager Rachel McKeogh

A company summer party can be a fantastic way to reward employees, build brand awareness and promote team bonding. In 2022 the most popular theme for a summer party for our clients is undoubtedly the 'festival' theme. 

Company Summer Festival Ideas

Corporate festivals are a great way to bring employees and clients together for a day or two of fun, relaxation, and team building. There are many different types of venues that can be used to host a corporate festival, and choosing the right one can help to create a memorable experience.