Reward & Recognition

"what gets recognised gets repeated"

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The power of recognition is immense.

Just observe the beauty in a simple thank you that can have lasting effects in building a positive, supportive culture. Encouraging the thank you is at the heart of recognition programmes.

We’re firm believers in using recognition to engage people and embed new values, behaviour and motivation.

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We can't help but agree with the wise words or Dale Carnegie...

"People work for money but go the extra mile for recognition, praise and rewards"

Employee recognition programmes encourage the recognition of important intangibles that can't be easily measured, but deliver significant value to business performance.

Effective communication is essential – design, media and quantity. Rewards, both small and big, aren’t, but do play an important role in significantly raising the profile and perceived value of the scheme.

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Staff motivation solutions typically involve:

  • Consulting and gaining genuine buy-in
  • Over-communicating and celebrating success
  • Integrating learning
  • Providing reward and recognition
  • Measuring and monitoring performance
  • Constantly reviewing and renewing methods
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