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Experiential Marketing

Brand Experiences

The art of creating an emotional connection

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Stimulating experiences that stimulate buzz

Bringing audiences closer to brands through experiences helps build affinity like no other activity can. Whether it’s a press, consumer or business event, we can help design an experience that stimulates a response and stimulates chatter.

We take the project as personally as you do – this may be the one opportunity to deliver your brand message comprehensively, coherently and concisely. Missing the target isn’t an option.

We’ll also help extend the experience beyond the physical by taking it online and leveraging the power of social media in particular.

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Experiential Marketing

On the high street, at the train station, amongst festival go-ers, with University freshers – we’ll take your brand where it needs to be!

For over 10 years, our team have been creating experiences that get people talking: eye catching, engaging, relevant campaigns that help bring brands closer to their target audiences. We've flourished through the desire to constantly innovate and the ability to deliver on objectives, time after time.

To us, experiential marketing is not about impressing people with clever, expensive gimmicks. Success is achieved through a firm focus on strategy, creativity, audience research, metrics, feedback and integration with other communications. The deep thinking, attention to detail and ability to deliver the creative concepts make all the difference.

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Our experiential marketing services include:

  • Creative concepts - design and delivery
  • Brand awareness activities
  • Social Influencer opportunities
  • Bespoke activities and activations
  • Engaging interactivities and environment design
  • Brand ambassadors and personality hosts
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