Impact Hub Westminster

Recently we had a client who wished to visit a business incubator in London as part of a team offsite to help the group understand how to transition from a majority manufacturing business toward a more service led business. 

Eddie Izzard

Comedians are becoming a popular choice for events, and I’m just off to see Josh Widdicombe’s new stand-up show, which I’m sure will be hilarious! 

Ships at sea

We’re excited to discover something brand new to the MICE market! The Ponant Explorers are the latest additions to Ponant's luxury fleet, and are a perfect size for groups and charters.

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

In 2015, global research firm ORC International released the Global Perspectives survey, examining worldwide trends in employee engagement

Rooftop Wembley

Oh how the rooftops of London have changed in the post Mary Poppins era. No longer do they conjure up images of chimney pots and Dick van Dyke’s team of ‘sweeps’ giving it some ‘Chim Chim Che-ree’. 


Be you a camper or a glamper, the world of canvas and the great outdoors has become fashionable.