Impact Hub Westminster

Recently we had a client who wished to visit a business incubator in London as part of a team offsite to help the group understand how to transition from a majority manufacturing business toward a more service led business. 

After much research into this field we found the Impact Hub Westminster, which is described as an innovation lab as well a business incubator; but it’s also a connected community of social innovators and entrepreneurs. 

The Hub offers their members a unique ecosystem of resources, inspiration and collaboration opportunities to grow their businesses.  Created in 2011, from an empty floor in the West End it now hosts over 500 members and has held over 3,000 events and is part of an 80 strong global network in a very funky open plan office space. It has a truly eclectic community, ranging from Data Science to Mobile Health and from technology and public service innovation, it helps these ventures no matter what stage they are at with their business.

Businesses to flourish from this community hub include the Library of Things, Medopad, Data Science London and FutureGov, and is continuing to grow its network.  The venue offers tours and presentation throughout the year which highlights how the Hub works and how it helps their community.


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