Like many of you reading this, we’ve been through a period of rapid change. A significant part of our work was in the live event arena, so the impact of Covid-19 and subsequent social distancing measures was dramatic.


We took the decision to leverage our experience, knowledge of our team, in-house skills and network of partners and suppliers to adapt quickly and turn to digital and online comms, including virtual events. Most importantly though, this aligned with our vision, mission and values and longer-term view – and therefore we had immediate – and critical - buy-in from the team.


We developed a variety of tools, ideas and activities to help build connections, enhance communication and inject creativity into remote working and virtual events.




We’ve invested significantly in the education of our team, building a comprehensive understanding of the market and working with various partners, particularly where we already had established relationships, to offer comprehensive online event solutions



And given the rapid adoption of online events we’re seeing close-up, we know the companies that value their culture and understand the value of people engagement are actioning the above now and with vigour. 


We’ve produced a couple of publications to share ideas and insight for helping engage your online audiences. For more on social events online see Team Engagement in a Virtual World and for a guide to virtual meetings and events see Going Live and Online.