Entertaining and engaging remote workers may seem a big ask, but there’s a fantastic range of virtual events that have been developed over the last 12 months.

Here we give 10 of the most popular online team challenges which have been designed to drive social engagement and effective teamwork. 


1. Globe Runner

A fast-paced and entertaining team challenge to connect remote teams, as players race across the globe completing as many tasks as possible. Team members will need to collaborate effectively with each other through the online platform, as the Globerunner app guides gameplay across a virtual map of the world. Teams must strategically choose which countries to visit, carrying out a variety of interactive individual and team tasks on arrival at each selected location. 


virtual team building


2. Infinite Loop

Each team is a specialist ‘Remote Virtual Hacker Unit’, called in to complete a secret mission. You must rescue the trapped gamer locked in a virtual reality game and return him to the real world. Teammates must work together to decipher and communicate solutions, unlocking doors inside the cyberspace maze. 


Virtual Team Build Hacker


3. Arctic Escape

Midway through an arctic expedition, your team has become separated from your hiking guide. With a storm setting in and nightfall approaching, you become increasingly disorientated and lose your direction of travel. As the storm worsens and temperatures drop, you’re forced to abandon your expedition in search of help. By now, energy levels are depleting, and supplies are running very low. Will you escape the cold - only time will tell!


Virtual Team Activity Arctic Escape


4. Space Odyssey

Space Odyssey takes participants on a murder mystery adventure inside a deserted spaceship. Attractive graphics and escape room style riddles guarantee all players are engaged throughout. Guided by the app, teams combine their collective strengths, working through successive game levels to unravel the evidence. Each level unlocks 3D animations revealing uncharted sectors of the ship, prompted questions and associated conundrums. 


Virtual Team Building Murder Mystery Challenge


5. The Manor Murder

Join forces with your colleagues and become lead investigators to solve a murder! A murder investigation has been launched after the body of internationally renowned lawyer, Laura Norder, was found last night at the Manor. Initial reports suggest that Miss Norder was at the Manor for a school reunion, with other party guests thought to include a high-profile property tycoon and professional athlete. 


Virtual Team Building - Murder Mystery 


6. CSI Hacienda

Teams sharpen their deductive reasoning in this immersive 3D whodunnit. Teams attempt to solve the mystery of the death of Enrique Gonzalez at his Hacienda. Using a web-based 3D Virtual Touring Platform, teams explore the Hacienda looking for clues. Solutions to riddles and challenges unlock hints that will help teams to solve the mystery. 

Moving through each room of the Hacienda, teams find items that will also help them in their quest and use deductive reasoning to eliminate suspects.


Virtual Team Building - Murder Mystery


7. Live Music Quiz

Join professional hosts and musicians as they play their way through the most popular tunes of the last 50 years, testing your musical knowledge every step along the way. The compere will guide you through 10 rounds of totally varied musical questions - testing just how well you know your Beatles from your Beyoncé, with all music being played by live musicians and pre-recorded clips from the house band.


Virtual Team Activity - live Music Quiz


8. Master of Tasks 

Hosted by a flamboyant game show host in the virtual TV studio, guests compete in a variety of ridiculous fun activities. Volunteers will be called upon to take part in a variety of rounds including a selection of practical challenges using household items. 


Virtual Team Event - Master of Tasks


9. CSI Virtually Killed

Immerse your team, push boundaries and open your eyes to the challenges faced by Detectives and Crime Scene Investigators. Virtually Killed, created by senior ex Scotland Yard Detectives and forensic scientists, is a highly immersive and thrilling experience and the closest you’ll get to solving a real crime. Be entertained and captivated through a series of forensic challenges, including analysing statements and comparing fingerprints, giving you the opportunity to solve the case through the actual methods employed by real Crime Scene Investigators.


Virtual Team Building - CSI Challenge


10. Virtual Race Night

Place your virtual bets and cheer on your pick of the horses in this fun-filled and highly engaging activity. Your Race Night Host will welcome participants and put them into teams where they’ll study the form before placing their bets via the branded digital betting system. The real-time leaderboards will keep everyone in the competitive spirit, but teams will need to think strategically - if their virtual bankroll runs out too soon, they risk points being deducted from their final score!


Virtual Team Activity- Murder Mystery