“Wellbeing programmes have boosted employee productivity throughout the coronavirus pandemic” HR Magazine, April 2021

Employee wellness programmes work to give employees incentives, tools, social support, privacy, and strategies to adopt and maintain healthy behaviours. Workplace wellness programmes help to show staff that they are valued, supported and appreciated. Promoting employee wellbeing can also have employer benefits in preventing stress, reducing health-related absenteeism, increasing productivity and creating positive working environments where individuals and organisations can thrive.  

Wellness workshops and wellbeing activities cover topics such as:

Here's a snapshot of some popular workshops and activities:


Immune Boost Cookery

An interactive, educational and fun virtual cookery masterclass aimed at boosting your immune system whilst learning about nutritional foods. Expect to make an immunity-boosting shot, a good gut grain bowl and avocado brownies as a delicious healthy alternative dessert!



Breath Workshop

An immersive workshop combining both music and breathwork in which participants will learn how to use breath to clear their emotional body and bring themselves into a state of deep clarity and stillness. Practicing breathwork has been shown to have physiological, mental and emotional benefits including relaxing the mind, alleviating anxiety and depression, calming the nervous system, increasing energy, boosting immunity and improving focus and creativity. 



Terrarium Workshop

Guests will escape to a virtual ‘tropical jungle’ where they will be joined by an expert plant geek. This session is about bringing a bit of nature indoors by creating a ‘jarden’ – a living garden in a jar! 



Meditation Workshop

The meditation class introduces a variety of techniques to develop focus and awareness in order to bring mental relaxation. Meditation has numerous benefits including lowering blood pressure, improving breathing, reducing anxiety and boosting emotional stability. It also works to develop a positive outlook and ability to cope with stress.