"People work for money but go the extra mile for recognition, praise and rewards."  Dale Carnegie, Leadership Training Guru. Lets face it… we all love to be rewarded and recognised for the hard work that we do.

There is no denying it gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling inside and makes you feel proud of your achievements! Looking into the theory behind this, American psychologist Abraham Maslow highlighted ‘Self Esteem’ as one of our basic psychological needs, so it goes without saying that this is a natural reaction when this need has been fulfilled. 

Incentive reward schemes are valuable tools of motivation and recognition in the workplace. This technique of human resource management has the ability to build morale and boost performance levels; thus, creating more effective and productive employees. 

Following the global pandemic and amidst the cost of living crisis, a loyal and happy workforce could be deemed integral towards the survival of an organisation – and what better way to reward a workforce than bringing them together on an exciting trip away!

Studies show impacts of employees who are rewarded for going the extra mile are as follows;




Which ultimately leads to; 




So why use TRAVEL to motivate staff? 

Through research it has become apparent that traditional ‘non-travel’ incentives have lost some of their appeal in recent years due to higher living standards among top achievers. Travel better suits people’s needs for recognition, achievement and reward than products do, due to the intangible memories and relationships that are created while away from the workplace.

Unlike other incentives schemes, travel incentives have ‘trophy value’ implying that they provide long-lasting positive reinforcement; an element adding to their motivational value.

So now we’ve convinced you why Incentive Travel is an integral part of rewarding and recognising your workforce, where would you like to go?

We’ve selected our TOP 5 favourite Incentive Destinations;

Check out why we love these destinations so much by clicking on the links above. We’ve created some awesome sample programmes and recommendations for what we can offer in each place to spark your interest!

How can we help you reward and recognise your staff?  

Our experienced team will work closely with our local partners in your chosen destination to ensure we propose the very best and most suitable Hotels, Dinner Venues, Activities and Entertainment and devise a completely bespoke programme tailored to your groups needs, objectives and your budget. We’ve also got innovative ideas on how to create a ‘buzz’ before your trip and then gain insights and feedback post-event to increase the longevity of your guests’ experience.

Our event managers will be on hand as your dedicated point of contact for every step of your trip and will ensure everything runs smoothly leaving you time to sit back and RELAX... or PARTY with your team (we’ll leave that up to you!)

Following our very own successful experience of an incentive weekend trip to Amsterdam as a whole company recently, we can personally vouch that our hard work was certainly recognized and rewarded. Our fun-filled trip gave us the chance to RE-CONNECT with our colleagues, REFLECT on our achievements over the last year and RECHARGE - ready for another busy year of events. The memories we created on this trip will last within the company much longer than any gift or bonus, which is why we’d highly recommend Incentive Travel to our clients.